Taiwan and APAC Sustainability Trends 2023

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出版年度 2023
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【About this report】

This is CSRone’s 10th "Taiwan and APAC Sustainability Trends" analysis report published since 2013. Beginning in 2016, Sinyi School of National  Chengchi University joined the research team, devoting high-quality research resources and manpower to improve the quality of the report. 

Every year, the research team collect comprehensive "Sustainability reports" published throughout Taiwan, including reports on "Corporate sustainability," "Corporate social responsibility," or "Environmental safety". We establish a sustainability database by setting analysis indicators based on global sustainable development trends, and regularly publish the latest analysis data in March each year. Starting in 2023, this report was made available for free download for the first time in 2023, providing a reference  for professionals in Taiwan's company, government, and academic sectors.

By the end of December 2022,  CSRone collected over 5,600 Sustainability Reports, mainly from Taiwanese companies, and organizations including schools, hospitals, governments, and corporate foundations. From 2018, the collected information also expanded to cover the sustainability reports of the top 10 companies of 10 Asia-Pacific countries/regions. CSRone is the most comprehensive sustainability knowledge and information platform in Asia-Pacific, possessing a complete database for stakeholders to understand the full picture of sustainability development through Taiwanese companies’ sustainability reports. The Taiwan and APAC Sustainability Trends 2023 has become one of the best guides to understand in-depth corporate sustainability development trends in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region.

 【Developments in the past three years】  


1. Collected over 800 Taiwan-published sustainability reports.
2. Included indicators related to biodiversity and water resource management.
3. In response to the international net-zero carbon emission trend, analyzed the current net-zero targets set by Taiwanese companies and the implementation of “carbon” related issues.


1. Collected over 680 Taiwan-published sustainability reports.
2. Incorporated Corporate Governance 3.0 – Sustainable Development Roadmap and analyzed the sustainability framework scope based on different capital levels.
3. In response to the global net-zero emission trend, included "carbon" indicators for disclosure.


1. Collected over 600 Taiwan-published sustainability reports.
2. Included COVID-19 in the Taiwan analysis and examined related disclosures.
3. Investigated Taiwan and APAC corporates’ TCFD disclosures for the first time.

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