Trends of Sustainability in Taiwan and APAC 2022

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出版年度 2022
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About this report

This report is the 10th analysis regarding "Trends of Sustainability in Taiwan and APAC," an analysis and survey report prepared by CSRone since 2013. Sinyi School of National Chengchi University has joined the research team since 2016, and it has devoted high-quality research resources and manpower to improve the quality of the report.

Every year, the research team comprehensively collects reports on "Corporate Sustainability," "Corporate Social Responsibility" or "Environmental Safety" (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Sustainability Reports") published across Taiwan, and it formulates analysis projects for global sustainable development trends and registers the collected information into the database accordingly. Every year in March, the latest key findings will be released, which serves as a reference for professionals, officials and academia in Taiwan.

By the end of December 2021, the CSRone has collected more than 4,800 Sustainability Reports. The collection mainly came from Taiwanese companies, as well as organizations such as schools, hospitals, governments, and corporate foundations. Meanwhile, since 2018, the database has expanded to cover the sustainability reports of the top 10 companies of 10 selected countries/regions in Asia-Pacific region. CSRone possesses the most comprehensive knowledge and information for sustainability in the Chinese-speaking regions, and it hosts the most complete database for sustainability reports so that all stakeholders may be able to obtain the full picture of the sustainable development of Taiwanese companies. It has become one of the best guides to get an indepth grasp of the corporate sustainability development trend in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific region.


  • More than 680 sustainability reports published in Taiwan collected.
  • Incorporated Corporate Governance 3.0 – Sustainable Development Roadmap and analyzed the scope of sustainability framework among different capital levels.
  • In response to the global trend of Net-zero emissions, relevant indicators for "carbon" disclosure have been included.

Latest updates in the past three years


  • Collected an all-time high of over 600 sustainability reports published by Taiwanese companies/organizations in 2020.
  • Included COVID-19 within the scope of analysis and examined related disclosures across Taiwanese companies/organizations.
  • First-time the research team analyzed the TCFD recommendations related disclosures across Taiwanese and APAC companies.


  • First-time that we made our database available for companies to understand the content of the research, its indicators and facilitate re-examination in order to maximize the value of sustainability data through practical applications.
  • First-time the research team included the largest Australian public companies withing the scope of analysis and disclose findings within the section covering disclosure in APAC.


  • First-time that we included the sustainability reports published by the largest ten public companies in nine selected Asia Pacific countries within the scope of analysis for the purpose of benchmarking companies and promoting continuous improvement through best practice learning.
  • First-time that we adopted the "S-thermometer" concept as a way of to measure the company's management involvement level across the eight major sustainability themes, and by calculating the average scores, we aim to provide readers a clear and concise understanding of corporate sustainability actions.